In industry before you build a billion dollar plant you first build a fully functional model of the plant, to see if the concept will work. This is what Montgomery Childs and the SAFIRE team did to test the validity of the concept.

phase one

This is one of the first anodes tested.  It is an iron composite.  There were two sizes:  2 & 4 centimeters in diameter.  The images below show what happens to the anode in the 'extremely hostile environment' of an active plasma regime.


"When we first fired up the bell jar and began measuring the electromagnetic and radio frequencies of the plasma – there was a rhythm, like a heartbeat; stable and continuous.

"Resonance is a principle in science, a principle that is both universal and scale-able. I wonder if resonance is playing a role in SAFIRE?

"And with our reading of an atomic mass of 3, I also wonder if what we are observing is some kind of harmonic resonance mediating a nuclear reaction – to cause fusion. If this is the case, it's almost as if the universe is singing."

the bell jar

the anode

The Bell Jar setup contains all the structural elements and data recorders that are planned for the full experiment in Phase Two.

The actual processes required for generating the miniature 'sun' are put in play, developed, and tested.

The results of the experiments done with the Bell Jar indicate that the technical systems will work as intended.

First observations also reveal processes and phenomena predicted by the Electric Sun hypothesis.


Anode in the bell jar during the proof-of-concept tests.

Only the contrast has been boosted to better show the layering.

First lab setup - Proof Of Concept

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