MONTGOMERY CHILDS: "SAFIRE will be like a space ship – loaded with instruments – flying right up to the sun, and then far out to the heliospheric boundary, taking measurements all the way.

"The Voyager probes give us direct measurements from the outer edge of the solar system, but data about the sun itself is remotely gathered by satellites very far from the sun’s surface.

"SAFIRE will be able to fly probes down into the near atmosphere of the Solellus, our miniature sun, taking measurements that no existing satellite is yet able to.

"We can then correlate the data we get with the data from NASA & ESA.  It might also allow us to propose new ways to interpret NASA data."


The Chamber

The theory of the Electric Sun has been in play for 250 years.

A unique protocol rarely if ever employed in scientific experiments.

Even in the first 'proof of concept' tests, startling results.

Design work and first steps in the construction of the SAFIRE environment.

MONTGOMERY CHILDS:  "There are billions of stars in our galaxy. For as long as we’ve been watching them their luminosity, spectral nature, and thermal characteristics have remained relatively constant. Statistically it points to a very stable system.

"A supernova, or a pulsar, is so rare an event as to be considered an ‘outlier’, and not that relevant in the overall equation.

"In industry, if you have something as statistically stable as the stars appear to be – this suggests a relatively simple process.

"And we have a tool for studying process."

MONTGOMERY CHILDS: "I can’t imagine how you could ever test the Thermonuclear Fusion model of the sun. To my knowledge we’ve never been able to replicate sustained nuclear fusion on Earth.

"But the Electric Sun model is different.

"Electricity is something we’ve been experimenting with for centuries. And electricity in the form of plasma, even though the word plasma is relatively recent, we’ve been aware of this phenomena for a century and a half.

"Two years of research has led me to the conclusion that the Electric Sun Model might be boiled down to a fundamental process:

"Charged plasma affecting matter of a different electrical potential.

"Now ‘charged plasma’, ‘matter’, and ‘electrical potential’ – these are things that can be experimented with in a lab."

Proof of Concept

Design of Experiments

Throughout the 20th Century most cosmologists believed that deep space was a near perfect vacuum – in which electricity played no appreciable role.

In 1752 Benjamin Franklin tied an iron key to a silk kite string and proved that lightning was electrical in nature. Franklin believed that the skies were full of electricity.

Over the next two and a half centuries many researchers added to the idea of electricity as a principal force in the universe.

Historical notes