Scott Mainwaring recognized in Montgomery Child's proposal a pragmatic empirical method to test the Electric Universe hypothesis, specifically the Electric Sun model.

Montgomery Childs

Scott Mainwaring

In 2012 at a conference exploring the electrical nature of deep space Montgomery Childs proposed a way the Electric Sun Model could be tested.

Montgomery Childs: "Two years of research has led me to the conclusion that the Electric Sun Model might be boiled down to a fundamental process:

"Charged plasma affecting matter of a different electrical potential.”

Bruce Mainwaring

The SAFIRE PROJECT was initiated. Its objective was to test the Electric Sun Model. The project is unfolding in three major phases.

A fully working proof-of-concept miniature (bench-top) lab was built – to see if the concept would actually work. Early experiments were created, focussed mainly on the technology and generating certain environments in the bell jar.

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The full-size SAFIRE laboratory was constructed, at the heart of which was the SAFIRE Plasma Engine. Further experiments were performed. All the evidence to date shows there are no disparities with the Electric Sun hypothesis.

Phase Two went far beyond what was originally planned.  While generating the experiments to test the technology the SAFIRE team made numerous unexpected discoveries. At this point in time the SAFIRE team is now able to create, control and contain unique plasma environments. In these environments SAFIRE is generating energy densities comparable to the Sun’s photosphere. And doing so without producing any negative side-effects such as radioactivity.

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Scott introduced Monty's proposal to his father, Bruce Mainwaring. Father and son decided to support the project through the Mainwaring Archive Foundation.

The current hypothesis for the origin and functioning of the sun is the gravity-driven ‘Thermonuclear’ model. It is taught in every school on Earth. It has never been proven.

There is another quite different hypothesis, the 'Electric Sun' model, which has been 250 years in the making. It also has never been proven.

Until recently there has been no mechanism by which we could test either hypothesis.

Robert Quinn & Ralph Fiorito produced sun-like images working with a Terrella while exploring plasma instability in 1967.

phase one

phase two

the safire project

Michael Clarage, Montgomery Childs, Wal Thornhill, Paul Anderson; planning session at John Hopkins University.

Even though the SAFIRE team has become proficient in creating, controlling, containing, and sustaining the plasma environments in the SAFIRE engine, the science of what is actually happening at the molecular and atomic levels is not yet fully understood.

Understanding these reactions will give valuable insight into the way the Sun’s atmosphere functions, and provide the foundation by which these energies can be beneficially harnessed.

This research will be the top priority for 2018 and beyond.

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phase three



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